Professional plywood processing, profiled plywood processing the computer precision cutting,
Specializes in environmentally friendly glue pallets, clean room grade optical thin-film bearing plate
All kinds of plywood products manufacturing, according to the customer needs to cut a variety of shape processing, large supply the needs of a variety of industries, quality first price satisfaction, product diversification, suitable for a spool of wire and cable industry, the audio industry speakers, the wrapper class wooden box,dining plate of steak; various types of plywood profiled crop Jieneng production, Welcome to sample custom.
Comply with environmental requirements, the company has developed a variety of environmentally friendly packaging products, supply export manufacturers packaging demand, in line with the advanced countries environmental norms, smoke-free, free heat treatment.
1. An aggregate the board class materials processing︰Plywood-like material processing ︰ optical film suspension packaging film packing support plate of the support plate, color art film, BOPP, PE, PVC, PET film class, electronic terminal dial.
2.High load plywood pallet︰High bearing capacity, for export only.
3. M.D.F Fibreboard pallet︰Low price.
4. The cleanroom class optical film bearing plate︰Patent structure, do not emit chemicals and dust, applicable to various types of dust-demand high standards of products transport bearer, such as TFT panels graced, thin film and polarizing film optical film products.
5. The combined environmental Crate ︰Recyclable and sustainable utilization, and cost savings.