Packaging and shipping the early creation of packaging board production OPP-Film (film) as the main business, the Japanese machine-based product manufacturers tailor Taiwan production Film (film), Workers Act also imitated in Japan, so essentially Film (film) Japan is the same. Film (film) products increasingly widely used by the primary low-level of adhesive tape (TAPE) to the food, pharmaceutical packaging to automotive, building surrounded curtain insulation paper promotion the Xing'an company continued in conjunction with the manufacturer and betting focus on Film (film) packaging improvement and the pursuit of more low-cost efforts. In recent years, the PET-Film PE-Film higher order will be for the use of TFF-LCD panel, and the process of thin-film solar panels and more Optoelectronics Technology client Film (film) packaging delivery process of the clean pollution, clean and security focus is growing, and even packaging materials recycling reuse is a major issue. PE-Film OPP-Film and bearing plate PET-Film, Xing'an, including in Taiwan, about 70% market share.
SHEN AN enterprises focus on the plywood products manufacturing, and research and development of innovative applications of all kinds of plywood products, won at home and abroad is certainly a number of new products patented technology, the range of applications is extended to all kinds of industries, replace traditional materials subject to restrictions, innovation carry forward and meet customer needs is our mission and goal pursuit, welcome to contact and you need to tell us, to jointly develop the new life of the product, and we strive to serve you!